Patients are our mission

At Clearview, we work with you to match your health needs with the ideal provider. We offer a diverse set of providers who are experts in their field. 

Our intake specialist can be reached by our office number during 9am - 5pm on weekdays to schedule a consultation.  

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Our Therapists
Danielle Napolitano, Masters MHC

Outpatient adult, child, adolescent, geriatric, teletherapy

My style is individualized to each person and their specific needs. I believe it is a team effort, and the best results come from having someone who is walking beside you through the process. 

Danielle Napolitano, Masters MHC
MaryBeth Kuta, LMHC
MaryBeth Kuta, LMHC

Outpatient adult, child, adolescent, teletherapy


We go to the doctor when something feels "off" in our body so why don't we go see someone when something feels "off" in our minds? I believe everyone should be able to have a safe place to talk, to process, to understands one's own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and overall one's self.​  I offer individualized outpatient therapy, working with individuals of all ages and families struggling with a number of different mental health challenges

Francelys Descarden Flores, MHC
Francelys Descarden Flores, MHC 

Outpatient adult, child, adolescent, geriatric, family, couple, teletherapy, Spanish speaking

I have 5 years of experience specializing in children and adults with depression, anxiety, and trauma. I hold a Trauma and DV certification. My approach to therapy is CBT and humanistic. I love to work with families and to employ therapy centered on the client and multimodal model.

Allea Cortina, LMHC
Allea Cortina, LMHC, Supervisor

Outpatient adult, adolescent, teletherapy

My passion lies within supporting and guiding individuals who are struggling in life in order to find peace. I strive to meet people where they are, in order to work together to embark on a journey of discovering self worth and meeting their goals.​

Nicole Denver, LCSW
Jennifer Clark-Harris, Masters MHC
Nicole Denver, LCSW

Outpatient adult, child, adolescent, family, teletherapy

I specialize in children and adolescents struggling with anxiety and depression. I have experience working on the children and adolescent's unit at the Acute Behavioral Health Hospital. Respect for the dignity, rights, and worth of individuals is my top priority for clients. I treat each and every client with the utmost positive regard and supply empathy and support with whatever they endure.​

Jennifer Clark-Harris, Masters MHC

Outpatient adult, child, adolescent, family, couple, teletherapy

I am passionate about connecting with people and helping them to achieve healthy family boundaries. I help individuals, families and couples who want to feel satisfied in their connection through supporting them in exploring their history and uncovering patterns they may not even be aware of. The foundation of my therapeutic approach is based on the idea that people are worthy of achieving a greater potential, regardless of their surrounding environment or circumstances.​

Michael J Slinsky, LMHC
Michael J Slinsky, LMHC 
Outpatient adult, geriatric, couple, teletherapy

I approach each client as a unique individual who is capable of maximizing their full potential in the context of Humanism. I am greatly influenced by the philosophies of Carl Rogers. I specialize in anxiety disorders, OCD, substance abuse treatment, Bi-Polar Disorder, and Depression. I have previously worked for 25 years in substance abuse clinics and 8 years in mental health and hospital settings.

Scott G photo.jpg
Scott Goyette, LICSW
Outpatient adult, geriatric, adolescent, teletherapy

I am a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) practicing in the state of Massachusetts with almost 10 years of experience in the social work field. I have worked with a variety of individuals ranging from adolescents to older adults who were impacted by a wide range of symptoms including those related to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, bipolar, and schizophrenia. I have been employed in a variety of  mental health settings, I have worked in  skilled nursing, and correctional facilities. I also helped many people who have experienced trauma including emotional, and physical abuse. 
Danielle Moroney, LMHC
Outpatient adult, adolescent, family, couple, teletherapy
j wilson.jpeg
Jordan Wilson, MSW
Outpatient adolescent, child, young adult
Specialized with children, trauma/ptsd and & anxiety.

Chelsea Hagopian, MSW
Outpatient adult, geriatric, teletherapy

I believe in cultivating a safe and accepting environment for my client where I can provide empathetic listening and validation that aids me in helping them reach their goals. I am legally blind and had to do a lot of adjusting in order to still achieve my goals which allows me to easily relate to clients and to form a trusting working bond.
Sheldon Stovall, ADC
Individual, Group, Family
Specializing in addiction, anxiety and depression. 

Our Business Team

Alain Digon Chief Financial Officer
Alain Digon

Alain has lengthy experience in creating processes and systems for proper financial management, tracking expenses, assisting with the grant writing process primarily in budget and commercialization areas. He utilizes data to guide Clearview's decisions to maintain innovation and compliance. 
Kori Rock
Chief Operating Officer

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Rebekah Cyr
Human Resource Administrator 

dr. boggs photo.jpg
Michael Boggs, MD
Clinical Director 
Dr. Michael Boggs is a board-certified psychiatrist. He has been honored to serve both as a clinician and as a manager, supervisor, and teacher working to help providers deliver the very best evidence-based care with warmth and compassion.