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Allea Cortina, M.E.d

My passion truly lies within supporting and guiding individuals who are struggling with any number of difficulties. I am focused on meeting people where they are, in order to work together to arrive to where they'll find peace. Whether it’s a new dilemma or a piece of history that is difficult to move forward from, I approach each individual and their circumstance with the same guiding principles: compassion, empathy, support, understanding and a focus on strength-based approaches.

I have extensive experience working w/ individuals who have struggled w/ various disorders & overwhelming obstacles in their lives. The majority of my clinical work has been treating individuals suffering from anxiety disorders, mood disorders & trauma related experiences. I incorporate evidence-based therapeutic modalities & strategies in to my practice.

Matthew Riley, LMHC

As a licensed mental health clinician I am dedicated to working towards improving the lives of individuals. I believe strongly in a collaborative approach throughout the therapeutic process; I am here with the sole purpose to assist you in conquering the challenges & obstacles which are preventing you from living your absolute best life. I craft my therapeutic style in a non-judgmental, strength-based & understanding manner with the intent of meeting the individual’s needs in order to personalize the goals that will lead to a more meaningful & higher quality of life. I look forward to helping you build a happier & healthier future!

I have provided support to individuals suffering from a multitude of mental health disorders & ailments, though my concentration has focused mainly on treating OCD, anxiety & mood disorders. I have discovered that utilizing several tenets from the most proven clinical methodologies in the field of psychology have demonstrated consistent & positive results.

MaryBeth Kuta, LMHC

We go to the doctor when something feels "off" in our body so why don't we go see someone when something feels "off" in our minds? I believe everyone should be able to have a safe place to talk, to process, to understands one's own thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and overall one's self.

I offer individualized outpatient therapy, working with individuals of all ages and families struggling with a number of different mental health challenges

Ramon Lorenzi, LCSW

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